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Rotorua – Our Special Place

Rotorua – Our Special Place

Rotorua is one of those places that offers the lot. You can relax and chill out enjoying the natural therapeutic hot pools. You can be thrilled by the geothermal wonders of the world. It offers cultural delights like no other. Rotorua has thrills and spills and natural beauty that will simple take your breath away. From jet boats to redwoods, it’s a platter of pure delight.

It’s very dramatic when you see your first erupting geyser! Seeing this boiling hot water and pluming steam to follow shoot high into the heavens is riveting. The reason this area is so abundant with geothermal activity is because the Pacific Plate has been moving under the Australian Plate for the past 1.5 million years.

Whakarewarewa Village and its geyser zone sit in the heart of Rotorua. This is a living village where the local Maori to this day enjoy a thriving unique lifestyle you can visit. It’s a rich heritage we are all proud of. Their way of life, from cooking to bathing, is bound so tightly to this sacred land. Different geysers interact with each other and currently there are 7 active geysers, all with their very own personality.

Rotorua is part of the wider Taupo volcanic area. Calderas or volcanic indentations have resulted in stunning lakes, most notably Lake Rotorua and close by, Lake Taupo. They are the bluest of blue and you’ve never seen such pristine natural beauty.

Can you believe all this is only 1 hour away from your cruise ship terminal! What an incredible impression of our country they make!

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