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Rotorua Day Tours

  •   Destination: Bay of Plenty

  •   Duration: 1 Day

  •   Price: $220

This is the very best tour to see Rotorua including the geothermal activity, Maori culture, the stunning redwoods and the beautiful Rotorua Lakes. Some of the highlights of this sightseeing tour are:

  • Maori Cultural Performance
  • Geothermal Activity
  • Lunch at Lake Rotorua
  • Strolling through the Redwoods Forest
  • Getting up close to the geyser.

Rotorua Sightseeing Tours – Redwoods, Rotorua Geothermal, Maori Culture and City sites

One of our most popular cruise ship guided tour destinations in the Bay of Plenty is to Te Puia; the ultimate Rotorua Geo-Thermal Wonderland Experience. This is a great tour to get a taste of New Zealand – some of our beautiful natural scenery, Maori culture, and beautiful coastline.

Rotorua Day Tour Itinery

We will collect you from your cruise ship in the Port of Tauranga in one of our luxury vehicles. If you are travelling in New Zealand independently of a cruise ship we can arrange another pick up destination suitable for you. Our first stop is often Mount Maunganui Main Beach where you will have the chance to take photos of this beautiful beach in the morning sun.

Mount Maunganui

As we move on from Mount Maunganui Beach we will offer you full commentary on the brief history of New Zealand, as well as a few interesting facts about our agriculture, horticulture and forestry industries. We love answering your questions along the way and always build up a really friendly report as we travel through the Bay of Plenty together.

A kiwi Fruit Orchard

Next up, we have found that many of our customers enjoy a stop at a Kiwifruit Orchard on the way to Rotorua. Here you will see the giant kiwi fruit and have a chance to taste kiwi wines and juices. The kiwi fruit orchard here is a really great photo opportunity, with acres of kiwi vines as far as the eye can see. Kiwifruit Orchard is on the outskirts of the town of Te Puke, often referred to as the ‘Kiwi Fruit Capital of the World’.

Redwood Forest

From Kiwifruit Orchard the drive to Rotorua takes about hour with scenic forest views along the way. Before arriving at Te Puia, we offer you the chance to stop at the beautiful Redwood Forest in Rotorua. Often this is a surprising highlight of your guided tour around Rotorua. The combination of giant redwood trees and beautiful silver fern, which is New Zealand’s national symbol, is always a breathtaking site not to be missed during your excursion to Rotorua.

Depending on timing we can either stop for lunch (at own expense) at the Lakefront in Rotorua or at Te Puia itself. The Lake of Rotorua is definitely a picturesque addition to your Rotorua day trip schedule.

Te Puia

Our next destination in Rotorua is the much anticipated Te Puia. Famous for housing two of only eight spontaneous geysers in the world, you will be delighted to see the birth of a new geyser during our tour of this Maori Cultural Centre. We personally guide you through Te Puia, some of the main highlights are:

  • Te Puia Nga Mokai a-Koko boiling mud pools – large pools of boiling mud whose name means ‘the pets or play things of Koko’
  • Te Puia Maori welcome concert which aims to show you the very best of Maori performing arts and hospitality
  • Maori National Flax Weaving and Carving School where trainees are taught the old arts to keep the crafts alive. You are welcomed to watch and take pictures as they continue to pass on their traditions
  • The Kiwi birds are at home in Te Puia – as our national bird we love to introduce guests to the Kiwis at Te Puia

Rotorua City

After taking our time at Te Puia we can move on to the Rotorua Government Gardens where we can drive through the gardens. As we move through the city of Rotorua we will point out further geothermal activitiy – everyone is always amazed to see steam vents gushing from people’s back yards and gutters on the side of the road.

Time permitting, and depending on your preferences, we can add some extra activities to your guided tour of Rotorua. A local Maori Village, waterfalls and Lake Tarawera are some of our favorite extras, at no extra cost.

Back to Tauranga

After your fun-filled and informative guided day tour in Rotorua we will return you to your cruise ship in the Port of Tauranga via a different route home. This way you can take in new sites, including beautiful vistas across the Bay of Plenty. We pass through the city of Tauranga on the way back to your ship, giving you the chance to see the charming city with all of its cafes and water-front bars. You will quickly sense the laid back Kiwi life style that we enjoy.

All in all we return you back to your ship in Tauranga with plenty of time to board. You are sure to have a camera full of photos and many happy memories from your guided tour with us in Rotorua.

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