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One private day tour, three fantastic caves

One private day tour, three fantastic caves

Folks travel from all corners of the earth to explore our gorgeous country. Many come specifically for our magical Waitomo glow worm caves; a setting where you feel as though you’re moving through starlight above and below you. There are, however, a total of three outstandingly beautiful neighbouring caves to explore in the Waitomo area – three caves, each offering a unique scenic experience for you to appreciate. Why stop at one cave? With Custom Day Tours, your Waitomo caves tour can be triple the fun!

Waitomo Cave Tours: Three times the fun

In addition to the famous Waitomo cave, the Aranui and Ruakuri caves are available for your viewing pleasure. No other cruise ship tours will offer you the same sort of magical experience as these. If you’re looking for memorable Tauranga shore tours that’ll take your breath away, look no further than these phenomenal caves. 

The Aranui Cave

Named after it’s discoverer Ruruku Aranui, the Aranui cave is the smallest and most intricate of the three caves. The Aranui is abundant with native New Zealand weta, an ancient cave-dwelling insect that must be seen to be believed. Though visually striking, weta are harmless and make for exciting Instagram photos!

The Aranui is also decorated with glittering stalactites and stalagmites. If you have never had the chance to witness these natural wonders in person, this cave will be an awe-inspiring introductory experience. 

The Ruakuri Cave

This newly-opened-to-the-public cave features a glamorous spiral entrance that will guide you past picturesque limestone formations and crystalline tapestries. If you’d like to dedicate a day’s worth of your cruise ship tours to underground cave exploration, this cave will give you hours of scenery and fun. Like the most famous Waitomo cave, Ruakuri is bedazzled with beautiful glow worms. Both photography and wheelchair access are available to travellers in this cave. 

The Waitomo Caves

Finally and most famously are the Waitomo Cave Tours. Perhaps one of the most popular places to visit both nationally and internationally, this cave is a galaxy of glittering glow worms and sparkling rivers. Your Tauranga day tour will see you gliding along the river in a pretty little boat, enjoying glow worms above and reflected below. Unfortunately, wheelchair access isn’t available in this tour, and photos are not permitted, so ask your private Tauranga tour guide at Custom Day Tours which tour would be best for photography if you’re keen on capturing a few snaps of the scenery.

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