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Independent Guided Tour Tauranga – Enjoy the Freedom!

Independent Guided Tour Tauranga – Enjoy the Freedom!

Independent guided tours offer you greater flexibility and choice. If it’s a well-planned itinerary featuring favourite hot spots, at a pace that suits you is what you are after, then this is the place to find it. Independent guided tours from the Port of Tauranga have a wide selection of outstanding tours, providing everything from efficient, luxurious transport to detailed knowledge.

Without the grief of trying to find your own way there and missing out on the stunning scenery, it’s time to sit back and relax. It’s also a fantastically safe way to travel along roads that are unfamiliar. By the time you are dropped off, right to your doorstep, your mind will be buzzing from a truly magical day-tripping experience.

The tour guide is full of enlightening stories of the unique culture that is about NZ and specifically Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. Many people say this is a real highlight of the trip. To listen to the myths, legends and real life facts that weave together in the most capturing way.

You really don’t wan to miss out on immersing yourself in the kiwi culture! Yes, you can read about it but to hear about it and see it is even better. You get to visit renowned tourist destinations and of course, some of the best-kept secrets not widely known or shared.

The independent guided tour gives a real personal touch. It cuts out any middleman and the extra cost that goes with it. You get to speak to the team direct. It’s great to form a friendship the minute you make contact so you feel at home as soon as you pull up alongside.

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