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Get Ready for Rotorua Redwood Reverie

Get Ready for Rotorua Redwood Reverie

There’s a good reason why we like to guide our visitors through the Rotorua Redwoods as they enjoy their Bay of Plenty cruise tour. Loved by tourists and locals alike, the redwoods are a truly magical escape. Even a few metres away from the carpark, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported into a Narnian woodland where an epic Fantasy awaits around every gargantuan tree trunk.

Fresh air and wide open spaces

Unlike a lot of redwoods around the world, the Rotorua Redwoods are not a strictly-gridded plantation of trees. Quite the opposite! Interspersed between the mighty and each uniquely shaped redwood trunks will be a myriad of other gorgeous trees including native ferns and attractive elms.

The terrain is constantly changing. Walks range in heights from a casual (and rather comfortable) stroll around the scenic Waitawa Walk (perfect for a quick visit) to the sweeping vistas of the lake, mountains and geysers you’ll see up the Quarry lookout track.

Do remember that our Bay of Plenty tours are customizable to suit your taste and comfort, so let us know if you’re up for a challenge or a casual stroll and we can accommodate with your Redwood Experience!

Here’s what Trip Advisor reviewers ‘M & L’ from California had to say about their own custom Rotorua Cruise Tour:

“After Te Puia we were off to the Redwood Forest (wow!) where Terry taught us the distinction of the silver fern (one of their national symbols). Being from California it was interesting to compare their Redwoods to ours. We found many similarities in their trees and flowers to ours. We took some fabulous photographs. The bathrooms were quite unique in that they were individual cylinder shapes out of decorated metal.”

– M & L from Santa Barbara, California.

Learn about Native New Zealand Plants

And maybe spot some native New Zealand birds while you’re out and about!

Our country’s iconic and indigenous Silver Fern is an elegant plant, worthy of seeing, touching and experiencing up close. Bring your macro lens to get a gorgeous zoomed-in photo of the silver fern and its exotic spiral (or Koru) unfurling fronds.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot some of the local birdlife. Native New Zealand birds tend to frequent the trees and walkways in the Redwoods. Keep your eyes out for tui, wood pigeons (or kereru) and fantails.

You’ve earned a treat!

After burning all that energy walking between the trees and breathing in the fresh air, we’ll treat you to a delicious pit stop at a New Zealand Kiwi Orchard. Dedicated to creating delicious treats from freshly picked kiwifruit, you’ll be able to indulge in everything from kiwifruit jams to kiwifruit icecreams. Our reviewers tell us that this is one of their favourite and most flavoursome highlights of their Rotorua tours.

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