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Escape to the Coromandel for a day

Escape to the Coromandel for a day

Breathtakingly beautiful any time of year, the Coromandel is an absolute must-see. Worthy of a unique Auckland highlight tour unto itself, you’d be wise to put a visit to the Coromandel at the top of your North Island ‘to do’ list. Sweeping coastal vistas, soft sandy white beaches and elegant rock formations make this a photographer’s paradise. There are plenty of truly outstanding walks that are absolutely soaked in seaside sights. Spot native New Zealand birds, not-so-far-away islands, stunning sunsets and the world-famous Cathedral Cove!

It’s all here in the Coromandel, and it’s only a day trip away for anyone looking into cruise tours from Auckland.

Here’s what we’ll offer you in our amazing tour from Auckland to the Coromandel…

We come to you

Put away Google maps, sit back and relax! We’ll be your personal transportation to the Coromandel from Auckland. We’ll collect you from the door of your hotel or motel and whisk you away in a comfortable and well-aerated vehicle. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see on your way up to the Coromandel Peninsula, so be sure to enjoy the ride and adjust your camera’s shutter speed to capture some fast-paced views.

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The Driving Creek Railway Experience

This brief but beautiful train trip will offer you an hour’s ride through a lush native Kauri forest. You’ll pass through tunnels, across bridges, and along viaducts as you climb the mountain. Once at the top, you’ll have panoramic views from the ‘Eyeful Tower’ of the Hauraki Gulf – an oceanic vista framed by forests.

There will be a chance to stop for gifts in the pottery complex and craft shop while you’re here, too.

Hot Water Beach

This famous beach earned its namesake thanks to its naturally occurring geothermically heated hot water. Digging a hole in the sand here will reveal a rivulet of steamy hot water. Some kiwis like to dig holes here that are big enough to sit in like a proper spa pool! This is a great spot to visit, even on the chilliest winter’s day.

Cathedral Cove

Now for the pièce de résistance: Cathedral Cove, a naturally formed archway that deserves exploration and lots of attention from your camera lens!

An easy walk (less than 3km from the car park) along the most breathtaking of the coastal vistas will lead you straight down to the Cove. Once there, you’ll be free to enjoy the rock formations and famous cavern, arching like a cathedral and carpeted by crashing waves and soft white sand.

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